Better Homes and Gardens Nola Modern Futon

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Better Homes and Gardens Nola Modern Futon

Greet 1950 with this gorgeous and seductive Better Homes and Gardens Nola Modern Futon. This mid-century style couch gives a modern look to the classic style thanks to its bright lines, birch legs and irresistible velvet upholstery. Available in blue or grey.

Best Sofa Beds 2021

Install it in the living room as a central element that attracts attention. Or add them to your bedroom, guest room, or family room to get an exciting style and color. The backrest can be easily adjusted to the reclined position. Perfect for reading or watching your favorite movies. Or lie down in a sleeping corner, which can accommodate up to two people. This is a modern way to add an extra bed to the house! Do you want to enhance this magnificent view? Pair this modern futon with a suitable Nola chair to create extra space where you want to pass the time.

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