Nike Air Max 97

Nike Air Max 97

The old-fashioned beauty of the Nike Airmax 97 continues to delight consumers with its charm. The curly lines on the cover create a wonderful character. It takes time to get in shape, but buyers need to ensure that these shoes provide enough comfort and cushioning.

It is a little wider, but most people who choose a standard size like the fit. It can be detailed, but if you like, your leg doesn’t weigh more than your bag.

Nike Air Max 97

Nike Air Max 97 Original

Nike seems to have made great strides in 1997 with the Air Max 97, featuring flowing, wavy lines, alternating leather, mesh, and 3M reflective elements. Its design is as chic as the Japanese Express. Images with Swoosh tags serve as inspiration for the shoe. Or as dynamic as the metallic makeup and mountain bike parts that designer Christian Tresser had to influence the development of the progressive successor to the Air Max 95.

The history of the Nike Air Max 97 is incomplete, let alone an exclusive lineup. For the first time, a shoe features a foam midsole in which air pressure reaches the midsole and holds it when needed. Different PSI (psi) values ​​are visible in the center, sides and back of the outsole, creating different air pressure that protects against impact in high heels.


The return of the Air Max 97 in various colors still attracts many tennis fans. What makes it unique in terms of style and comfort is the fact that it is not full of boring details and delicate materials. The color options also offer a stunning style with a combination of soft leather, lashes and strong reflective details that stand out when the light goes out. The sliding lower airbag provides comfort and relief for the feet thanks to the responsive properties.


The Nike Air Max 97 is available in men’s and women’s sizes. It is based on the Ghillie billing system, which offers a custom fit. Patented cushioning is secured to a durable rubber outsole with a waffle profile.


Nike’s perennial goal seems to be to redesign the Nike Air Max 97, using them in a variety of colors, from the metallic and monochromatic tones of the time to multi-colored tones and prints. Here are some style tips for both genders with the most popular AM 97 colors.

Outfit Ideas for Women

Nike Air Max 97 Pink

Nike Air Max 97 women’s skirts, such as pink and white, light gray sweatpants, beige or navy capri pants, or white high-heeled jeans, add a sophisticated and feminine look. This modest shade is paired with a gorgeous selection of knee-length colors, midi skirts, and pastel V-neck dresses.

Nike Air Max 97 Rose Gold

If the metallic gold tone of the Nike Air Max 97 is too high for your style, the rose gold of the Nike Air Max 97 might be more desirable due to its modest and completely feminine look. Wear a pink shirt and a white jumpsuit or a light-colored ruby ​​print tee, as well as a black denim jacket and leggings for a quick breakfast with friends or a weekend getaway. … You get it with a black accent and a black blouse that gives it a sporty and elegant look to take with you to your next business casual meeting or long trip.

Nike Air Max 97 Red

Accentuate your elegant style by combining a black V-neck sweater, a long black double-embroidered jacket and black leggings with the beautiful Nike Air Max 97 sneakers in red or light lemon. Or you can wear skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black biker jacket. for free contact.

Style Guide for Men

Nike Air Max 97 Black

Combine retro 90s style with black skinny jeans, black pants or capri pants with a cool polo button for a look that won’t get bored at your next lunch or dinner with friends. long sleeves and a long black jacket.

Nike Air Max 97 White

White sports shoes like the Nike Air 97 provide an elegant look when paired with navy striped skinny pants, a padded polo shirt and a matching navy blue jacket. Rocky black chinos, a pique polo shirt and a black jacket complete your look without looking at the top.

Nike Air Max 97 Blue

If you want to add a bold, sporty look to your work outfit, wear these shoes with dark gray pants, a white shirt, a soft gray jacket and a dark brown double-breasted suit.

Nike Air Max 97 Grey

Give your typical casual look a sporty look by combining a khaki blue and white long sleeve shirt with the Nike Air Max 97 Wolf Gray. Choose graphite wool pants, a gray felt bomber jacket, and beige wool pants for casual clothing. A black collar shirt, a black collar shirt and a bright red jacket are great models in your arsenal.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Many buyers who have lost the first edition of the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers are thrilled with the return of an old soul.
Many people find these city-style sneakers a great choice for summer because they do not warm the feet.
As many fans have said, it won’t be long before this Nike sneaker is familiar with the shape of the shoes.
Most consumers say they are satisfied with these shoes.
Enthusiastic owners say they can easily style these shoes and wear them several times a week.
A single continuous air will impress a large number of users as it cushions the foot.
Many AM 97 fans who continually question the solid build of this profile find it good value for money.
Some users appreciate the sophistication of the design.
Different users can prove that it doesn’t seem difficult.[/i2pros][i2cons]The Air Max 97 sneakers for men and women are slightly wider than the usual width reported by different users.
These shoes have a long rest time.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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